A Weblog


I suppose everything has to start somewhere. I've never had a blog before, so this is new to me. I guess a good start would be what this blog is supposed to be about... that I'm not actually sure, but I guess we'll figure that out along the way. As for who I am, well currently I go by the pseudonym "lain", however I've gone by more pseudonyms than I can remember, and have been around on the Internet since I can remember. While I've spent much of my time using a computer or some other electronic device, I still, and believe I always will, have much to learn about them. If it hasn't been obvious at this point, the things I'm a nerd about are computers and anime. If you don't know much about anime, 'Lain Iwakura' is a character designed by Yoshitoshi ABe in the animated series "Serial Experiments Lain", there is also a Japanese playstation game of the same series, which my current pseudonym takes ideation. I've also spent much time in my younger years watching different anime. Speaking of which, I should mention I'm 21, Geminis. I'm not sure if that matters or not, but some people reading this might be wondering that. I'm a Californian, raised in the California Mountains observing nature growing up, seeing lots that the world has to offer. I hated school more than you can imagine, a truant since elementary. I also grew up with an adverseness to socializing, and had few friends I talked to. Fearing harm from social relationships has always been a weakness of mine, the thought of betrayal is expected on first encounter with anyone I meet, and is still present with those I've known for years. Some flaws we cannot change though. I like to think I'm a naturally paranoid person, covering my tracks sometimes without realizing it, and without purpose. I suppose that's enough about me for right now though, let's go on a bit more about this blog...

I created this blog because a lot of people have them, it's different from a social media account in that I have far more control over it, and can say whatever I'd like on it. I tend to avoid social media, only recently starting to use Twitter, however a blog might seem more appealing to me for a variety of reasons. I plan on keeping this blog plain HTML/CSS, because why should it be anything but? I'll probably keep it on github pages, for reliability, circumventing censorship, etc. but may move from github pages and change hosts time to time, I'm not entirely sure yet. The simpler the better though, and keeping it on github would mean I don't have to bother maintaining a vps/box for it. I'll use to direct to it, at least until I get another pseudonym, then I'll have to decide what to do then, probably keeping it at, due to laziness. I suppose that would be the gist of it. Not complicated, because it doesn't need to be. I've spent a few days writing this first post, mostly because I've been occupying myself with other things, but partly because I have no idea what the first post should be about. It started of with a little about me, then a little about the blog, now I'm not entirely sure what to write next. I'd say that should do it for this first entry, I don't know how frequent I'll post either, I'm sure it'll vary like it's contents and hosting, but hopefully it'll evolve enough to were I have a definitive answer as to what this blog really is.